A casual monthly social in Leamington Spa for anyone in and around the games industry

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Do you have a game project you'd like to show off at Interactive Futures?

Whether it's a tiny experiment or a full-fledged indie game, submit to Checkpoint Arcade to be playable at Interactive Futures on 31st January & 1st February!

All we need from you is a game build and some info

We will be manning the Arcade stall and sorting out equipment, so submitting won't require any time commitment from you!

What's on at Checkpoint Arcade @Interactive Futures:


Just Add Oil Games (& Excalibur Games)

Join Sunny and Guu Ma on the journey of a life time, as they travel across China in their aging but beloved family car. Can they maintain their beloved car and overcome their personal history to save the family restaurant?




Gemstone Keeper is a twin stick shooter where avid explorers go down into the Cistershire Caverns, a large, dangerous and mysterious set of caves and caverns that are filled with vast amounts of rare and valuable gemstones.



Maybe Later Games

No Offence, But is a single-player turn-based strategy game set at a series of dinner parties. Your aim? To insult, belittle and humiliate other party guests until they are forced to excuse themselves. The last family standing is declared the winner.



Team Cats and Bears

Leap, blast and bob your way through 125 levels in this charming one-button platformer!



Edward Atkin

A 2d pixel art style puzzle/adventure platformer based around being able to control any of the other characters in the game, such as enemies, (N)PCs and the bosses.


We Made This

A modern take on classic snake and pipe puzzle games, The Stirling Express has you rotating track tiles to guide the train around the countryside to collect carriages.



Guvii Sangha

You are a powerful knight who has been cursed by a witch limiting his use to only one piece of equipment at a time.


Maggie Tan

Cordis: Latin, "of the heart". Khalil Gibran: “Work is love made visible.”



Shaun Wall

Inspired by fight-the-inevitable-force-of-gravity games of old such as Lunar Lander, Penguin Deliveries tasks you to navigate between planets, struggling against gravity and admiring the attractive assortment of levels.


Checkpoint Code of Conduct

We want Checkpoint to be a fun and inclusive event where all attendees can relax and feel safe. To that end, we expect every Checkpoint attendee to adhere to the code of conduct below whilst attending our socials.

Homophobic, racist, transphobic, ableist, sexist, or otherwise prejudiced behaviours are not acceptable at Checkpoint.

Harassment is not acceptable. Stalking, unwanted sexual attention, and physical contact without consent are forms of harassment. A person’s dress or manner does not constitute consent. All attendees are expected to respect the personal space of others. Some attendees may not want to be filmed or photographed. If you are asked to leave someone alone, you must respect this.

Participants asked to stop any of the above behaviours are expected to comply immediately. They may be sanctioned or expelled from the event at the discretion of the event organisers and premise owners.

“It’s just a bit of fun”, “It’s just a joke”, “They’re my friend it’s okay”, “I was drunk”, “I was being ironic” (and so forth) are not excuses.

We encourage all participants to start a dialogue with us in the event of harassment.

Please contact either Shaun or Maggie immediately if you have any concerns for your own wellbeing or those of fellow attendees. We can be identified by our lanyards, and will immediately take action to make you feel safe.

If you are unfamiliar with people using they/them pronouns, you can find a guide at If you do say something wrong to someone, such as misgendering them, the best way to handle that is to apologise, then let the conversation move onward rather than centring yourself or the mistake.

[Code of Conduct derived from Feral Vector]